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DCI Awards


Every year, we honour our members who have made a significant difference in the design and construction industry here in Nova Scotia. Our awards include:

  • Distinguished Member Award: This award is given to DCI members who have demonstrated exemplary service to the industry and espouse the Vision, Mission and Values of DCI.

    • 2022- Anathea Fenton

    • 2021- Benjie Nycum

    • 2019 - Stephen Vaslet

    • 2018 - Wes Campbell

    • 2017 - Adrian Morrison

    • 2016 - Edgar Gougen

    • 2015 - Keith McCrae, Gordon Weld, Wilf Giffin, Alan Duffus

    • 2014 - Phil Dumaresq, Denis Morris

  • Honorary Member Award:  The title of Honorary Member is bestowed upon non-DCI members who are prominent supporters of the design and construction industry.

    • 2022- Brendan Nobes

    • 2021- Judy Wall

    • 2019 - Duncan Williams

    • 2018-  Scott McCrea

    • 2017 - Tony Cook

    • 2016 - Jim Spatz

    • 2014 - John O'Connor

  • Vibrancy Award:  The Vibrancy Award is bestowed upon an individual or organization that gives back to our industry and community in a manner that espouses the four Values of DCI – Respect, Integrity, Innovation and Commitment. 

    • 2022- Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission

    • 2021- Shannon Miedema

    • 2019 - Danny Chedrawe

    • 2017 - Leon McLellan

    • 2016 - Terry Smith-Lamothe

    • 2015 - Keith Robertson and Jennifer Corson

  • Cruddy Trowel Award​:  The Cruddy Trowel Award is for a notable achievement on a particular project or contribution to DCI. Unlike the other awards, the long-standing tradition is that the previous year's recipient chooses the new  recipient, passing the award from member to member.  Each year the recipient will add an object to the award, representing their personal connection to the industry.

    • 2022- Karen Dwyer

    • 2021- Beth MacLeod

    • 2019 - Patrick Crabbe

    • 2018 -  John Spinelli

    • 2017-  Anathea Kirk

    • 2016 - Benjie Nycum

    • 2015 - Keith Robertson

Lifetime Members

Lifetime membership is a benefit reserved for individuals who embrace the Vision, Mission, and Values defining DCI and who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and contributions to DCI.  Lifetime Members are appointed by the DCI Board of Directors and include:

  • Past DCI Directors

  • Recipients of the Distinguished Member Award:  Appointed by the Board of Directors to individuals who embrace the Vision, Mission, and Values defining DCI and have demonstrated outstanding leadership and contributions to DCI.

  • Recipients of the Honorary Member Award:  Appointed by the DCI Board of Directors in recognition of prominent supporters of the Design and Construction industry. 

Below is a full list of DCI Nova Scotia Lifetime Members:



Jim Brennan

Leo Brooks

Matt Brunt

Rick Buhr

Eric Burchill

Wes Campbell

Chris Chisholm

Don Chisholm

Francis Chisholm

Stewart Clarke

Brian Cluett

Craig Colgan

Michael Comeau

Tony Cook

Kimberley Cooke

George Cotaras

Patrick Crabbe

John Crace

John Day

John Dobbs

Graeme Duffus

Phil Dumaresq

Sydney Dumaresq

Karen Dwyer

Michael Eakin

Peter Emmett

Steve Faulkner

Anathea Fenton

Wilson Fitt

Phil Flinn

Harry Forbes

Paul Frank

Jeff Gardner

Larry Gibson

Edgar Goguen

Brian Grace

David Greenwell

W.N. Hardman

Mike Healy

Ray Hilchie

Donna Hoar

Dean Hopkins

Frank Hughes

Stacey Hughes

Yvette Hughes

Andrew Jeans

Ron Jefferson

Rod Kerr

Victor Kielbratowski

Andy Knowles

David Landry

Gordon Leaman

Therese LeBlanc

Andy Lynch

Kirk MacCulloch

Barbara MacDonald

Foster MacKenzie

Shelley MacLeod

Bruce MacNeil

Jim Marriott

Roy McBride

Robert McGrath

Chris Meunier

Scott Moore

Denis Morris Jr.

Adrian Morrison

Vince Moseley

Jon Mullin

Darren Nantes

Michael Napier

Benjie Nycum

Dan O’Halloran

David Oulton

Aubrey Palmeter

Eugene Pieczonka

Gary Pierce

Malcolm Pinto

Ernie Porter

Keith Robertson

Gary Ruitenberg

Peter Rumscheidt

John Spinelli

Thane Stevens

Denise Stevenson

Walter Strachan

Brian Strecko

Rick Thomas

Bob Todd

Wade Tucker

Tom Vincent

John Volcko

Alex Walker

Stephen Wallace

Tom Watson

Duncan Williams

Paula Webber

Gordon Weld

MacDara Woodman

Pat Wright

Stephen Vaslet

Chris Young

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