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Thank you for becoming a member of DCI Nova Scotia.


The Design and Construction Industry is one where each project’s success relies on multiple disciplines working together.  DCI is unique because it brings all stakeholders together in one organization allowing our members the ability to build and strengthen their professional relationships and networks, learn about important topics, collaborate on solutions with industry colleagues, and lend their voices on issues of common cause. Specifically, DCI:

  • Offers excellent networking opportunities for Board and Membership through committee work, meetings, events

  • Brings people from across the industry together for education and social events 

  • Delivers education content that is timely and relevant to our membership

  • Creates a forum for industry discussion and collaboration

  • Acts as an industry voice and advocates on issues of common cause

  • Collaborates  with key industry partner organizations

  • Proactively strengthens relations with all levels of government 

  • Funds annual student scholarships to the future leaders of our industry



DCI members represent the many diverse segments of our industry and include:  


  • Architects, Engineers, Designers, Project Managers, Technicians, Technologists, General Contractors and Sub-Contractors; 

  • Owners and their representatives, developers 

  • Professional educators and students at the post-secondary level;

  • Supply chain representatives such as materials and equipment suppliers, pre-manufactured systems and components providers

  • Service providers such as legal, ITC, finance, insurance, BIM, survey,

  • Stakeholders from like-minded organizations and associations (such as CANS, CENS, NSCSC, IDNS, NSAA), as well as those from Municipal, Provincial and Federal government departments



  • Build Capacity: Assemble the resources to successfully deliver our objectives and outcomes

  • Communicate: Build broad industry awareness of DCI among private and public sector partners

  • Expand: Increase the organization’s membership and geographical representation

  • Celebrate: Highlight and promote local design and construction projects



​Over the past five years, DCI has undertaken and lead several important industry initiatives including: 

  • Partnering with CANS and NSCSC to host a Procurement Day Forum with over 125 attendees to gather input and prepare a report delivered to the Province on procurement issues of common concern across the industry 

  • Hosting annual “Education Day” events to bring important content to representative groups. 

  • Hosting annual industry award dinners to honour those who make significant contributions to the Design and Construction Industry 

  • Hosting social events to promote relationship building and collaboration amongst the many disciplines that make up the Design and Construction Industry


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